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 [FS} ANNO. Gold Antology. (1998-2010PCENGRePack)

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ANNO. Gold Antology. (1998-2010PCENGRePack)

ANNO. Gold Antology. (1998-2010/PC/ENG/RePack) | 7.45 GB
Description 1193 Anno Domini: Merchants and Crusaders:
Place and time of action - the medieval Old Europe in the period from 3 to 7 th Crusades pohody.Nachinaetsya game, as expected, with the choice of the protagonist, or even several. You can play four one computer, with a start in the best traditions of role should raspihat bonus points for factors such as possession of weapons, cunning, organization, navigation, trade and reputation. If you do not have enough of living rivals, you can play with three computer. The main task is to ensure that over half a century ahead of your competitors in the business.

Description Anno 1503. Collector's Edition:
The most distant beginning of XVI century. On a single ship with a small amount of supplies brave colonists landed on the shore inviting the New World to establish a new settlement. Now they will conquer famine, disease, drought, and to turn their possession into prosperous cities and towns.

Anno 1503 - real-time strategy with a detailed urban development. A huge variety of buildings, fascinating detail the management of cities, the establishment of infrastructure without the tedious micro-management - are the main characteristics of this economic strategy, which became a classic of the genre.

Collector's Edition includes the original game Anno 1503. The New World, as well as the addon Anno 1503. Treasures, Monsters & Pirates. Addon please players with three new long campaign, twelve separate missions with different levels of complexity, new buildings and improved graphics. Together with the addon in the game the opportunity to take the ships to board and search for pirate treasure.

Description Anno 1602:
1602. The development of civilization was at a standstill. Cities are overcrowded everywhere, poverty and destitution. You have a small team puteshestvinnikov sails and set off in search of a brighter future, in search of the New World. Welcome to the world explorers and pioneers. During the game you have to deal with strategy, colonization, diplomacy, production, trade, war. Your task is not simple - give people peace and happiness

Description Anno 1701:
When Germany goes another game of the series Anno, every tenth resident throws everything and run to the store for the long-awaited box. This strategic series - a rare case where every next game is definitely better than the previous. Anno 1701, the third game of the series, is devoted XVI-XVII centuries: the Enlightenment and the great discoveries. All performed with a truly German sequence: shine economic model, the finest tanning schedule, crystal-clear music.

Description Anno 1701 The Sunken Dragon:
Supplement to the game ANNO 1701 adds to the original 11 new missions, sending players to the East. The developers promise about 30 hours of gameplay, as well as a built-in map editor.
The original game continues the storyline and brings the previous two players at the time of the Great discoveries and maritime trade. Exciting discoveries and explore new islands - basic in this project.
Thanks to an incredibly beautiful graphics, will not only enjoy the spirit of the discoverer of new lands, but also to fill gaps in knowledge of flora and fauna. Developers with special attention and love treated the natural environment. Around in the woods and fields bears, foxes or deer - common for ANNO 1701. It is low, it would seem, the bar will add to the atmosphere and more deeply immersed in the game.

Description Anno 1404:
We have already completed a brutal and bleak early Middle Ages. Died down the Crusades, the feudal rulers surrendered, and the merchants and travelers eyes turned to the distant seas and unknown lands. There, amid the sands and wealth of the East, you will be able to establish a rapidly growing city, to pave the trade routes and make a special position among the rulers of the earth! Discover new country and archipelagos, select features of construction, use new technologies and influence to increase his popularity at the courts of sultans and kings.

Description Anno 1404: Venice:
We have already completed a brutal and bleak the early Middle Ages. Died down the Crusades, the feudal rulers surrendered, and the merchants and travelers eyes turned to the distant seas and unknown lands. In the north of Italy is gaining momentum Venice, city of romance, commerce and insidious intrigues. Can you build settlements and ports, to equip the fleet of merchant ships and bring it to the heights of power?

The legendary Venice comes to life right before your eyes! At this time, you can use not only their talents in management and commerce, and special abilities. Raise a neighbor's rebellion, to destroy their land, poison dangerous competitor - the choice of action for you. And yet you expect hundreds of new jobs in the massive single player campaign and unique multiplayer games.

System requirements:
- Operating System: Microsoft � Windows � XP SP2/Vista/7
- Processor: Pentium � 4 March GHz or equivalent Athlon � 64
- Memory: 1 GB
- Video Card: 128MB (supports shaders 2.0 *)
- Free hard drive space: ~ 5 GB (installation of one part)

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[FS} ANNO. Gold Antology. (1998-2010PCENGRePack)
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