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 [FLS-FSN-BS] FABLE III [Multi8-Ingles]

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MesajSubiect: [FLS-FSN-BS] FABLE III [Multi8-Ingles]   Mier Mai 18, 2011 2:19 pm

Hello everyone on this occasion I bring this game with graphics Exelent outstanding and highly anticipated by many. The game is fully uploaded by I and consists of 2 ISO images cut with Winrar in: DVD 1 14 parts, DVD 18 parts. Enjoy.

Improved, polished, waited ... Fables of mouse and keyboard on the popular Albion.
The revolution makes the leap from Xbox 360 to PC with the version Fable III compatible. We approach this year's notable Lionhead Studios video game to tell you everything you need fans know the role that move through their favorite worlds keyboard and mouse.
Fable III continues to prepare the way for deal with computers around the world on a date yet concrete but, according to its leaders, will be "soon." "It's painful admit that we still can not answer any questions about Fable III version PC"They say in the British study through your Twitter profile," but we hope to do soon. "
The long-awaited video game computer editing faces, therefore, the final stage of their development, thus overcoming plenty of rumors and assumptions that went so far as to take for canceled the project. "The PC version of Fable III follows development at Lionhead, so: do not panic! "declared a Team spokesman just weeks ago clarify any genre doubt.

Keyboard and Mouse Fables
The framework of the CES has been chosen by Microsoft to present press for the first time compatible version of Fable III a game that was released a few months ago on Xbox 360 with significant critical and commercial results, which is the exclusive series of role more representative of the Redmond console. While at the fair there have been ads themselves for the title, the truth is that has been used to show movement finally launch.

What we have seen is a videogame looks a much more polished and sharper than the console version something that fell within the logical. The textures have a look detailed and definite, an item that already sounded like one of the aspects that deserve more attention from their own Fable II Fable III.

As for other aspects, such as those of control, management we can customize your character to the breakdown different keypad buttons, an option always thank PC gaming to the versatility offered by the formula keyboard, mouse pad on consoles. Potions and spells, by example, were distributed in the crosshairs of the Xbox 360 controller in Fable II III, while in the third installment of the series to support everything will be on the buttons F1, F2, F3 and F4, and we can switch between different types of attack that we can accomplish-body body, and distance learning magic with the mouse wheel. The strength of attacks, finally, be modulated depending on whether you press the button left or right mouse by replacing the formula to stop tight a single control that was used in Xbox 360.
As regards movement itself character, it is controlled by the classic combination of the four WASD keys in this case and mouse for the operation of the camera. In the short test we do with the game just does not feel comfortable 100% with the implementation of this seemingly simple and logical method. The reasons? Perhaps with more time the user is able to feel more comfortable, but we felt mainly that concerning a game as accessible as this, the entire procedure of handling character should be more flexible and intuitive when moving or target. Let us hope that the development time left before launch, remember again that is about to realize, is solvent this problem.

It should be remembered, finally, that the game did not get the criticism was expected of him in the version for Xbox 360. These were not bad either much less, but considering that the second half scored a 9.1 in 3DJuegos and 8.9 on Metacritic, was particularly striking that The third managed to only a 8.3 in 3DJuegos and 8.1 on Metacritic. Lionhead promises, however, changes, perhaps not radical, but different settings considering that Microsoft would confirm to this British study as "one of the best teams listening "to the fans in the industry.

� Operating System: XP 32 SP3, Vista 32/64, Win 7 32/64
� Microprocessor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHz or AMD Athlon X2 4000 +
� Memory: 2GB
� Space Free Disk Drive: 12 GB
� Tarjeta Gr�fica: NVidia 7600GT o ATI HD 2600 Pro
� DirectX: 9.0
� Connecting the Internet or LAN required for multiplayer[/FONT]

� Operating Systems: Windows 7
� Processor: Intel Pentium Core 2 Duo 2.9GHz or higher
� Memory: 4GB
� Space in Hard Drive: 12 GB
� Graphics: Nvidia 260GTX or ATI 5770 896MB 1GB or more
� DirectX: 9.0c
� Connecting the Internet or LAN required for multiplayer









*Game running at 100% without problems
*The crack is inside the ISO

Jdownloader premium scripts updated daily, so they have no problems with my inthe and can download as premium always


Password for rar: bywillix

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[FLS-FSN-BS] FABLE III [Multi8-Ingles]
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