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 [MU/FS/RS] Medal of Honor LE [Multi 03]1GB/500MB 8/16 DL's

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MesajSubiect: [MU/FS/RS] Medal of Honor LE [Multi 03]1GB/500MB 8/16 DL's   Mier Mai 18, 2011 2:15 pm

I have not posted MP or Lan crack,
have not seen one, have you???

Made 2 YouTube video of my in-game play.
Maybe this will help you decide if you wish to download
this game. The first link is day light, second link is night.
Each video less than 2 minutes. Really nice game.


**I put a lot of work into my screen shots, I dont approve you
to copy/paste my work without asking. I hope others that
enjoy my game topics will agree 1 ***

Year: 2010
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person
Developer: EA Los Angeles / DICE
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PC

Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Polish (POL)
7.306 GB ISO Image **this is not the "MDX" file floating around
6.960 GB when mounted
Game install is unknown at this time GB
Game installed on Windows7/64bit

Game Info
These soldiers have no equal. They are - professionals - the best
of the best. How many of them - is not precisely known, but hardly
more than a few hundred. They report directly to the command
of U.S. armed forces. They are referred to only in the hottest point
and assign tasks to successfully execute that beyond the power
of anyone else. They - the elite soldiers of the Tier 1 Operators.
Introduced in Medal of Honor single player campaign was developed
in close cooperation with the veterans and current members of the Tier 1
division. It is based on real events, which told the participants. It is
thanks to these people the authors Medal of Honor could accurately r
ecreate the atmosphere of modern war. In the role of elite soldier Tier 1,
consisting of one division of the U.S. army the player will fight against
the forces of the Taliban and al-Qaida in the harsh Afghan soil.
Multiplayer mode Medal of Honor designed by world famous studio
DICE, which created the famous series Battlefield. In these brutal
battles, each player will have to fight for survival, relying only on
their own.

Game Features
� Elite Squad. During the exciting single player campaign, players will
fight in the various regular army formations and units of spetsnaz.
The soldiers will participate in based on real events dangerous operations
against the Afghan mujahedin.
� Modern War. The latest weapons, equipment and machinery - the
best fighters armed by the upper class. System improvement of
weapons and equipment provides a choice of hundreds of combinations.
� Every man for himself. In multiplayer battles can participate up
to 24 players, and a variety of maps reconstruct real-world landscapes

Minimum System Requirement
� Windows XP SP3/Vista SP1;
� Intel Core 2 Duo 1,4 GHz / Athlon 64 X2 1,8 GHz;
� 1 GB of RAM;
� 20 GB free hard disk space;
� Video-level GeForce 6600/Radeon X850 with 128 MB of memory;
� DirectX - compatible sound card;
� DirectX 9.0c;
� device to read DVD-ROM drive;
� Keyboard;
� Mouse.

[TUT] How to download using at

MU 1GB links interchangable with File Serve 1GB
7.306 GB ISO Image. 1GB/8 Downloads
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Polish (POL)
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

File Serve 1GB links interchangable with MU 1GB
7.306 GB ISO Image. 1GB/8 Downloads
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Polish (POL)
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

Rapid Share 1GB links interchangable with both MU and File Serve 1GB
7.306 GB ISO Image. 1GB/8 Downloads
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Polish (POL)
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

Rapid Share 500MB/16 downloads
7.306 GB ISO Image.
Language: Russian (RUS), English (ENG), Polish (POL)
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

Citat :
Got Problem Files ??? We got the fix for corrupt files!
1. Within Winrar, run "test archive" to check your files.
2. If you have a problem file, run winrar "repair". Then test again.
3. Re-Download the file again usually fixes the corrupt file.
Still have a problem download?
4. MD5 Hash Value - unique file identity
To check your download with the original uploaded file, compare the MD5 Hash Value.
google hashtab2_setup.exe or download here:
-Small file. Add to your system. How it works:
1- after install, right click properties of the file.
2- go to Hash Tab
3- program generates a unique number (MD5) to identify a specific file.
-if your number does not match mine, that would be the problem file. You
would need to re-download the file again and that usually fixes the problem.
-This is quite simple to do and we can identity the specific problem file.

MD5 Hash Value-MOH 1GB downloads
part 01-4AAD3F6221900B2DF1DA1B179971F3B8
part 02-C79487BA29A257E888EFEFB971F8745B
part 03-1C604DB19E3BD8055531342E06B6DDF9
part 04-2F0A65D0ACC2EA37002D6CEBC27C32C2
part 05-EAE162EBF00ECA74499EA5FF6130CD01
part 06-77F7A7F027BD6706EA27D5BC63D01E21
part 07-A5AC209E62896AB3B3006C9344C90923
part 08-19FA2939F25AB1F50F19ED4A3B2DC905
ISO image-MD5: CC718C782F0386ED3C7D030C9D779A37

Install serial. This will NOT get you into MP

password: tooth

password: tooth

Medal of Honor Crack files. 2 crack files to move into your game install

password: tooth

password: tooth

Tutorials - How to mount a Gaming Image and install the Game

Get latest Windows Live Client, download link below

[TUT] How to log into Windows Live Local/Off-Line Account

How to install:
1-download files and run winrar "test archive"
2-extract ISO image to any folder
3-follow screen shot install below

DirectX error, go to Microsoft and get the June 2010 Directx
After you extract the files to your hard drive, run the "setup.exe" file

are you getting this:

Citat :
I get an error like "CRC failed in the encrypted file (wrong password ?)"!
RAR cannot distinguish a corrupt file and wrong password. If it were possible, it
would make encryption weaker. Therefore, such a message may indicate both a wrong
password and a corrupt file.
Most likely it is not a password problem, but a download that was corrupt.
Open Winrar, select "commands" drop down list , "test archived files" to find out
what file/files are giving you this error.
If you identified the problem link do one or more of the following:
1-"winrar repair" the specific file
2-RE-Download the problem link and that should fix your problem.

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jman69 a scris:
Thanks for the files Toothless. Everything downloaded fine and the ISO checked out via winrar test. But when I went to run the install, I got an AV error detecting Vundo in binaries\DFA.dll in the install files and then I was stuck. I couldn't heal it nor delete (since it was read as a file on a disc - though actually was on the mounted ISO file). The message was a Resident Shield Alert and it said "Accessed file is infected".
I have AVG 9.0 running - anyone run into this problem? I had not even applied the crack yet as the game had not yet been installed.
Thanks in advance for any feedback.
here you go, quote from page 5. Seems to be your exact issue
SABERWOLF a scris:
Toothless a scris:

SABERWOLF, good to see you figured out the problem which was your AV 1
I use AVG in addition to Avast, it appears that AVG was causing this problem, I opened up the AVG interface an added the mounted drive I was using too the AVG "Exceptions List" in the programs interface.
Installed perfectly after that.
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
Sheza a scris:
silent_espy a scris:

Anybody else has the problem where we can't call in airstrikes
on the left of the screen during te control tower mission?
Restart the entire mission, works. I assume you failed it
the first time then tried to restart from checkpoint, where
the bug happened since?
:arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
Your guns look like it has been "Ghost'ed"?
eclipsebmx a scris:
ok so i fixed the weapon graphic bug.for all those who have nvidia graphic cards,here are the NVIDIA 3D settings that seem to be working:
Anisotropic filtering: App controlled
Antialiasing - Gamma correction: On
Antialiasing Mode: App controlled
works for me,but overall game graphic still seem to be crappy.
maybe MOH needs a patch or something.

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[MU/FS/RS] Medal of Honor LE [Multi 03]1GB/500MB 8/16 DL's
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