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 [RS/MU] Grim Fandango (Warez-bb edition)

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MesajSubiect: [RS/MU] Grim Fandango (Warez-bb edition)   Mier Mai 18, 2011 2:08 pm

Another release for another great adventure. This time it's Grim Fandango. Those of you who like to play adventure games probably know everything about this game but for those who are encountering it for the first time, here's a few words. Grim Fandango is a brainchild of Tim Schafer, one of the greatest (if not greatest) adventure game designers. He's practically the guy who designed all of the Lucas Arts adventures :mrgreen: In Grim Fandango you play as Manny Calavera, an agent of DOD (Department Of Death 5) who discovers that something has gone wrong in the Land Of Dead (Romero has nothing to do with this :mrgreen: ) and he has to make things right. You'll even get to see Manny looking like Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca with Glottis, the giant demon, playing the piano 5 Great adventure. Now, the technical part. This installer contains custom made launcher that is compatible with Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 and is the work of bgbennyboy. Kudos for that, my man. If you're playing on faster computer you might encounter some problems. Don't worry. Download CPU Killer and set the processor speed to 300 MHz. It should do the trick. Also, the game install path is enforced to C:\Grim. I did this so you wouldn't have to tinker with the registry yourselves. Viva la revolucion 5 To check integrity of downloaded parts please download GF_by_NamelessOne.sfv file and open it with QuickSFV (download link provided below). Enjoy 😉



* ISO size: 1,25 GB

* game prepatched and precracked

* no need for CD swapping, everything is installed to you HDD

* Windows XP compatible





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[RS/MU] Grim Fandango (Warez-bb edition)
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