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 [MU] Terraria 1.01 THETA

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MesajSubiect: [MU] Terraria 1.01 THETA   Mier Mai 18, 2011 2:03 pm

New update is out.



- Items: Cobwebs now prevent falling damage correctly.
- Items: Certain 'Dev only' items were removed, as they were for testing only.
- Items: The dark outlines on player and armor sprites have been blended better.
- Items: Torches now work correctly when being placed on wooden platforms.
- Items: Spawning no longer destroys chests that are placed on ground that is removed due to spawn point clearing.
- Items: Sand directly under a chest no longer falls due to gravity.
- NPCs: Guide now explains the use of a hammer and its interactions with walls and placed objects.
- Crash Fixes: Leaving the settings menu via the back button should no longer crash the game.
- Performance: Added a toggle for Frame skip, which can correct some slowdown issues on higher end computers.
- Performance: Optimized Single Player and Multiplayer.
- Performance: Players who haven't cheated will no longer be flagged as a cheater.
- Controls: The Inventory button is now re-mappable.

Enjoy! 5

EDIT: To clarify for some people - NO CRACK AND NO STEAM IS NEEDED. The game's perfectly playable, including multiplayer.
If you have problems getting the game to work, download and install .NET Framework 4 and XNA Framework 4.
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[MU] Terraria 1.01 THETA
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