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 [MU/FS/RS] Fallout New Vegas [ENG][2010]SR Update6 1GB/500MB

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MesajSubiect: [MU/FS/RS] Fallout New Vegas [ENG][2010]SR Update6 1GB/500MB   Mier Mai 18, 2011 1:51 pm

Making a YouTube video of my in-game play. Maybe this will help
you decide if you wish to download this game.
This is a quick intro teaser only 1 1080 HD
About 90 seconds of in-game play called "Critter Control".

**I put a lot of work into my screen shots, I dont approve you
to copy/paste my work without asking. I hope others that
enjoy my game topics will agree 1 ***

Year: October 19, 2010
Genre: Action / RPG / 3D
Developer: Obsidian Entertainment
Publisher: Bethesda Softworks

Language: English (voice, language, subtitles all English)
6.50 GB ISO Image-SKIDROW release
6.230 GB when mounted
Game install is 6.750 GB
Game installed on Windows7/64bit

Game Info
Welcome to New Vegas - a city of dreamers and hunters for good
luck. Three groups are ruthless struggle for control of this oasis in
the post-apocalyptic desert. Those who are well armed and knows
for sure what he wants, is quickly become famous, but end up being
a lot of enemies. Do the hard way on a hot wasteland Mojave, go
to the Hoover Dam, walk on the streets of the glittering neon of
Vegas. While traveling, you will meet many colorful personalities,
will take part in clashes between factions of power hungry, and fight
with mutants of all stripes and sizes, and experience the unparalleled
power of weapons. Decide who will be your ally, or by choosing the
path of the hero's single, stand edinovlastnym King of New Vegas.

Game Features
* Hot Vegas.
Explore the vast spaces - from the provincial small towns scattered
across the Mojave Wasteland, to the magnificent shining lights of
the streets of New Vegas.
* Your word.
The war between competing factions will forever change the lives
of the inhabitants of the city. On whose side in this conflict will
take you, everything depends: who would have to meet and communicate,
who will be loyal companions, and who - a sworn enemy, and of
course, the final struggle for power.
* Fresh ideas.
The new system of communication with partners; reputation system -
remember: a backfire, and respond; mode "Hardcore" - for those
who are not looking for easy ways, special techniques-hand combat.
* To arms!
Arsenal is twice represented in Fallout 3: Now you have more than
enough funds to adequately respond to any threat. In addition,
the Vault-Tec engineers have developed a new weapon system
configuration that will repair and modify any dangerous "toys" in
any place at any time.
* The complete lawlessness.
Here is a huge world, you are free to choose there own path. Travel
and sightseeing, fight shoulder to shoulder with those who, in your
opinion, it is worth, or become a lone hero - it's your world, this is
your game!

Minimum System Requirement
- Operating system Windows 7/Vista/XP;
- Dual-Core processor with 2 GHz;
- 2 GB of RAM;
- 10 GB of free hard disk space;
- Graphics Card NVIDIA GeForce series 6/ATI Series 1300XT or better;
- Sound card;
- Device for reading DVD;
- Keyboard and mouse.

[TUT] How to download using at

MU 1GB links interchangable with File Serve 1GB
6.50 GB ISO Image-SKIDROW release. 1GB/7 Downloads
Language: English
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

File Serve 1GB links interchangable with MU 1GB
6.50 GB ISO Image-SKIDROW release. 1GB/7 Downloads
Language: English
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

Rapid Share 500MB/15 downloads
6.50 GB ISO Image-SKIDROW release. 1GB/7 Downloads
Language: English
5% Winrar Recovery Record included in downloads

password: tooth

Citat :
Got Problem Files ??? We got the fix for corrupt files!
1. Within Winrar, run "test archive" to check your files.
2. If you have a problem file, run winrar "repair". Then test again.
3. Re-Download the file again usually fixes the corrupt file.
Still have a problem download?
4. MD5 Hash Value - unique file identity
To check your download with the original uploaded file, compare the MD5 Hash Value.
google hashtab2_setup.exe or download here:
-Small file. Add to your system. How it works:
1- after install, right click properties of the file.
2- go to Hash Tab
3- program generates a unique number (MD5) to identify a specific file.
-if your number does not match mine, that would be the problem file. You
would need to re-download the file again and that usually fixes the problem.
-This is quite simple to do and we can identity the specific problem file.

MD5 Hash Value-Fallout New Vegas 1GB Links

***Update 6 the ONLY patch you need***
SKIDROW Update patch 6 posted May 6th
Double Click the exe to install, apply the cracks last

password: tooth

password: tooth

Citat :
This update contains all released DLC to date:
Caravan Pack
Classic Pack
Mercenary Pack
Tribal Pack
Dead Money DLC
Remember to enable them in the game's Launcher!
You don't need to have any of the previous updates installed,
as this update is featuring all previous updated content.

Tutorials - How to mount a Gaming Image and install the Game

You do not need a Windows Live account.

How to install:
1-download files and run winrar "test archive"
2-extract ISO image to any folder
3-follow screen shot install below

:arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow: :arrow:
**DLC Updated October 20th**
Case09 a scris:
Ok i downloaded those updated DLC files and they work
fine now, all 4 dlc packs, no more invisible armor/weapons and
"item not found" thing like in the first release, yaay 5
Fallout New Vegas Downloadable Content (DLC) dated October 20th

password: tooth

password: tooth
How to install DLC:

476 page Fallout New Vegus Game Guide-Thanks to member-JAZZYY 1
password: tooth

DirectX error, go to Microsoft and get the June 2010 Directx
After you extract the files to your hard drive, run the "setup.exe" file

are you getting this:

Citat :
I get an error like "CRC failed in the encrypted file (wrong password ?)"!
RAR cannot distinguish a corrupt file and wrong password. If it were possible, it
would make encryption weaker. Therefore, such a message may indicate both a wrong
password and a corrupt file.
Most likely it is not a password problem, but a download that was corrupt.
Open Winrar, select "commands" drop down list , "test archived files" to find out
what file/files are giving you this error.
If you identified the problem link do one or more of the following:
1-"winrar repair" the specific file
2-RE-Download the problem link and that should fix your problem.

:arrow: :arrow: Game Crash At Start FIX
pzycho freak a scris:

pzycho freak a scris:
Every time I click the exe. it crashes and says "FalloutNV have stopped working" is there anyone else who is having the same problems? I got Skidrow crack in and done step by step as the instruction says, twice.
I'm running on Windows 7 64-bit.

Edit: This is what the event log says when it crashes
"Faulting application name: FalloutNV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c9808f2
Faulting module name: FalloutNV.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4c9808f2
Exception code: 0xc0000005"

GoriIIaz a scris:
For the crashing error.
Go to My Documents > My Games > FalloutNV
Delete the FALLOUT.ini file and FalloutPrefs.ini
THANK YOU!! it works perfecty now.

MultiUpload a scris:
I have the bought version of
Vegas and all DLC's work to my amazement...Thanks
Tooth. 8-)

Megaupload and File Serve 1GB links-Fallout 3 Game of the Year

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[MU/FS/RS] Fallout New Vegas [ENG][2010]SR Update6 1GB/500MB
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