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 [HTTP/MU] CodeBreaker Ver 10.0

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MesajSubiect: [HTTP/MU] CodeBreaker Ver 10.0   Joi Mai 19, 2011 12:25 pm

Citat :
Title.........: CodeBreaker Ver 10.0 (Sep 2 2006 11:00:23 Build: 1c6e)
Genre.........: Cheat Device
Console.......: Playstation 2
Release Date..: 01/06/2008
Media.........: DVD
Ripped........: Dummy crap only
Region........: NTSC-U/NTSC-J
Format......: Compressed ISO (3.614MB), 1.97GB after extracting

How to use: Just burn it on a DVD, insert the DVD and play it, choose the game you want from the existing list, select the desired cheats, choose "Start game" and swap the disk with the CD of the
game. You can add new cheats manually or u can download the cheat files from

if u have a flash disk drive.

You can download game saves and cheats via Broadband Network Connection.

Description...: - Over 1,100 PS2 games with over 110,000 codes
out of the box (RE4, GOW, GH)
- OnLine Chat Enabled
- Download new games codes on the day of release
Note: Only works with MOD-CHIP otherwise you need to use Swap Magic 3.6 to boot the CD

If you don�t have a burning software I recommend ImgBurn_2.4.2.0. This is freeware.

Size: 1.87 MB
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[HTTP/MU] CodeBreaker Ver 10.0
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