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Customization: (To customize you will need Photoshop CS or newer)
FILE: BusinessMan.PSD

The image is made up entirely of vector shapes so you may resize to
whatever size you need. This could be used in illustrator, but because
it uses some Photoshop specific stuff illustrator flattens a lot of it;
making it incompatible.

Everything is labled and color coded, so you should have no trouble
navigating the folders.

Pay close attention to folders in orange. Those folders act as masks for
the folder marked in yellow. (Right Eye, Left Eye, and Open Mouth)
Drag the yellow folder into one of the orange folders to achieve a desired effect.
The reason for this is so that one image can be used to acheive a lot of effects
instead of having to draw each one, color variations are MUCH easier this way.

File: PSD for editing, plus PNG and speech buble. Size: 9.25MB

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[Fs]GR Business Man Mascot
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