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 EasyBlog 2.0.3514 Update - Joomla! Component for J1.5 &

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MesajSubiect: EasyBlog 2.0.3514 Update - Joomla! Component for J1.5 &   Joi Mai 19, 2011 12:02 pm


Citat :

EasyBlog is a user friendly, extensive and powerful blog component for Joomla!. It includes a fantastic front end blog editing capabilities and a rich Dashboard for your bloggers, RSS Feeds throughout the system, integrates with Ping-o-matic, supports XMLRPC which allows you to write blogs with 3rd party applications, proper multiple blog environment, 3rd party avatar integrations, automated social sharing integrations and much more. In short, all you need to do is to focus on writing your blogs and EasyBlog will do the rest for you.

Major Features :

Remote blogging capability
Image Manager.
Blog Moderations.
Custom SEF URL with 3rd party component.
Google Adsense Integration.
Twitter Integration.
reCAPTCHA Integration.
Content Plugin Integrations.
Commenting System.
Team Blogging.
Your own WYSIWYG.
Blog privacy control.

EasyBlog Changelog :

Version 2.0.3514

New Features

* + Added option so that admin can now disable account editing.
* + Added option to specify the content length that post to facebook.
* + Added redirect plugin for Joomla 1.6.
* + Added posts by tag module.
* + Added feature to allow admin to delete comments directly from blog entry the commment section.
* + Added backend option for print, pdf and bookmark publishing buttons.

Bug Fixes

* ^ Fixed various untranslated string.
* ^ Fixed backend ACL columns arrangement in listing page.
* ^ Fixed backend categories reordering if necessary.
* ^ Fixed Jomsocial toolbar integration by adding the checking on JFile exists to avoid errors.
* ^ Fixed blog header not display correct blogger information when in blogger isolation mode.
* ^ Fixed Image manager by forcing it to be ontop, overlaping any interferring template elements.
* ^ Fixed various jQuery conflict issues.
* ^ Load language in table in case other callers are using it outside of EasyBlog.
* ^ Fixed meta tag styling in backend.
* ^ Fixed JomSocial activity streams the image size did not resize correctly in IE8.
* ^ Fixed EasyBlog login page to support return parameter when user click login.
* ^ Fixed profile biography checking.
* ^ Restored html4 image upload capability.
* ^ Fixed modules itemid and ACL checking.
* ^ Fixed date format in Joomla 1.6 so taht if % is not detected in the format, rely on normal date format.
* ^ Fixed RSS feed item the emails.
* ^ Fixed welcome module so that it will not display write new link if they do not have access.
* ^ Fixed comment didnot validate emails address format.
* ^ Fixed backend the blogger edit page to remove the text editor to avoid editor conflict.
* ^ Fixed comment URL by using full blog post url when link to comment anchor.
* ^ Fixed untranslated sh404sef language string.




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EasyBlog 2.0.3514 Update - Joomla! Component for J1.5 &
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