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 Akeeba Backup Pro v3.2.7 for Joomla + all extra extensions

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MesajSubiect: Akeeba Backup Pro v3.2.7 for Joomla + all extra extensions   Joi Mai 19, 2011 12:02 pm

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Cloud Backup

Tired of downloading backups? Want something really secure? Store your backups to the cloud with the integrated support for Amazon S3, DropBox, RackSpace CloudFiles, Microsoft Windows Azure and many more engines scheduled for inclusion.

Encrypted Archives

Make it impossible for potential eavesdroppers to steal information from your backup archives. The exclusive JPS format encrypts everything with industry-standard AES-128 encryption, the same encryption format that protects your data when you connect to a secure (HTTPS) server.

Include them all

Do you have non-Joomla! databases on your site? Do you have directories off the web server's root? Akeeba Backup Professional's inclusion filters allow you to easily back all of them up.
Powerful filters

Would you like a way to exclude files based on their file type without having to click through all of them? Want to exclude big amounts of database tables based on table name criteria? The RegEx Filters can be tailored to your explicit needs.

Extensions Exclusion

Do you want to easily exclude whole components, modules, plugins or templates? You will love our one-click extension exclusion filters.

Native CRON Script

The exclusive native CRON script can be used to backup your site from CRON or from the command-line, in even less time and even if your web server software is not running.

Admin Tools v2.0.5
Akeeba Backup v3.2.7 (Core & Pro)
Akeeba eXtract Wizard v3.2 (Stable)
Akeeba Kickstart v3.2 (Stable)
Akeeba Release System v1.0.b2 (Beta)
Akeeba Remote Control v2.5 (Stable)
Akeeba SiteDiff v3.1 (Stable)
Akeeba Subscriptions 1.0.b1 (Beta)

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Akeeba Backup Pro v3.2.7 for Joomla + all extra extensions
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