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 [MULTI] AppThemes - Jobroller v1.3

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AppThemes - Jobroller v1.3

JobRoller is the latest addition to the AppThemes family and will quickly become the most popular job board theme for WordPress. Our feature-rich theme was built for ease-of-use and tight integration with WordPress so you�ll be online and selling job listing space within minutes.

With thousands of AppThemes customers and a very active community, you can trust that JobRoller is here to stay. To learn more about our features, continue reading below.

Custom Post Type & Taxonomies

    Job listings are kept totally separate from your blog posts. You get a dedicated job listing management section to see exactly what�s going on. Makes it easier to manage and keep track of your listings.

Easy to Manage Options

    Our themes include powerful options that can change how your site runs without requiring a developer. It�s all GUI-based with detailed help on each option so you know exactly what you�re doing.

Color Schemes & Layouts

    Choose from five different color schemes with the option to remove the right sidebar. You can also upload your own logo which makes it easy to brand your site.

Apply for Job Form

    Each job listing includes a built-in �Apply for this Job� form so applicants can instantly upload their cover letter & resume. Their application gets routed directly to the job poster via email.

Transaction Logging

    Keep track of all your job listing sales from within JobRoller. Every time a PayPal transaction takes place, it securely sends it back into the JobRoller database so you don�t have to login to PayPal in order to check your sales.

Auto-Resizing Images

    Company image logos uploaded with each job listing are automatically re-sized into three different sizes. All images are accessible from within the WordPress media library and are visible on the job listing edit screen which makes management a breeze.

Multi-Language Support

    Our themes use the de-facto WordPress GNU gettext localization framework. This means it�s easy to drop in a new language file without touching any code. Free language packs are also available for some languages.

AJAX & jQuery Features

    JobRoller includes the latest technologies with features like AJAX field auto-complete and jQuery Lazy Load which helps your site load faster and saves you precious bandwidth costs.

Customer Job Management

    Your customers get their own personalized dashboard where they can view and re-list their jobs once they expire. It also keeps track of when each job was listed for archiving purposes.

Featured Jobs

    Give your customers an option to have their job listing �Featured�. It will be prominently shown at the top of the home page with a highlighted background. You set the price for this option which is sure to bring in extra bucks.

Job Submission Wizard

    Our three step job submission wizard gives your site the professional treatment it deserves. Step two includes an order summary before taking customers to a payment page.

Advertising Support

    Our themes include several advertising spots which allows you to easily make extra income from your site. It�s great for Google AdSense or affiliate banners. Just paste in your code.

Facebook Integration

    Allow visitors to �Like� your site or share a job listing on their Facebook Wall. JobRoller includes a Facebook Pages sidebar widget and a share button on each job listing.

Twitter Integration

    It�s easy to add your Twitter account to JobRoller so your customers can start following you. Our theme includes a social networking sidebar widget so just drag it over and you�re done.

ShareThis Integration

    The popular ShareThis tool is now built into JobRoller and visible on every blog post you write. This gives your readers the tools to help share your blog posts like wildfire. No plugins required.

Fully Widgetized Sidebars

    JobRoller includes five different sidebars which are all widget enabled. This allows you to customize different parts of your site with ease. Drag, drop, done.

API Extensibility

    JobRoller is extremely flexible and provides 50+ API hooks which allows you to write plugins or custom functions without modifying the core code.

XHTML & W3C Valid

    Our themes have been validated within the guidelines of the W3C rules. HTML, CSS, PHP, & JavaScript are overall well structured code and optimized for faster page loads.

No Plugins Required

    Our theme runs right out of the box and requires no other plugins to function. We built most of the features you would typically use a plugin for directly into JobRoller. Of course you can always use other plugins.

Email Alerts

    Get instantly notified when a new job listing has been submitted. Our custom emails include things like new ad approved sent to your customers once their ad is approved. It also puts your site on auto-pilot and helps drive additional ad renewals.

Search Engine Optimized (SEO)

    We understand SEO and how important it is for your business. Our themes are built to instantly take advantage of SEO best practices so all you need to worry about is running your business.

Security Features

    Tighten up your site security by restricting access to your WordPress back-office by user role. JobRoller includes a simple drop-down option to lock-down your site from unauthorized users.

Payment Gateways

    With built-in payment gateway support, you can start collecting payments for new job listings almost immediately. We currently support PayPal (Standard and IPN) but will eventually include several other gateways.

Lifetime Support & Updates

    Get exclusive access to our customer support forum, tutorials, and best-practice articles once you become a customer. All theme updates are free for life so you don�t have to worry about spending more later.

Dedicated Blog

    Now you can run your job listing business and write blog posts � all from one instance of WordPress. It�s a great way to communicate to your customers and build up your authority.

Growing Community

    AppThemes has a very active and fast-growing community. It�s really amazing how friendly and willing to help our existing customers are. They share ideas, plugins, code, and even foster relationships. All this happens within our AppThemes forum ecosystem.

Clean & Well Commented Code

    Developers rejoice. Our code is well written, fully commented, and logically organized so developers can easily modify the source code without spending hours trying to reverse engineer it.

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[MULTI] AppThemes - Jobroller v1.3
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