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 [MU/FS] Street Fighter IV [MULTI 7] [2009] 1GB/5 Downloads

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About the game
Street Fighter IV (c) Capcom
07/2009 :..... RELEASE.DATE ..
PROTECTION .......: Securom
1 :.......... DISC(S) ..
GAME.TYPE ........: Fighting

MU 1GB link / 5 Downloads
File Serve 1GB - 5 Downloads
MU and FS interchangable Links
[MULTI 7] Languages Eng/Fr/Ger/Sp/Ita/JAP/KOR
FULL version. Nothing is omitted from the original
Mounted ISO Image is 4.37GB

Game Info
Street Fighter IV brings the legendary fighting series back to its roots by taking the beloved fighting
moves and techniques of the original Street Fighter II, and infusing them with Capcom�s latest advancements
in next generation technology to create a truly extraordinary experience that will re-introduce the world to
the time-honoured art of virtual martial arts.
Everything that made the legendary Street Fighter II a hit in the arcades, living rooms and dormitories
across the globe has been brought back in Street Fighter IV. Players will be able to play their favourite
classic characters, such as Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and Guile, along with new characters, including Crimson Viper,
Abel, El Fuerte, and Rufus. Characters and environments are rendered in stylized 3D, while the game is
played in the classic Street Fighter 2D perspective with additional 3D camera flourishes. Six-button
controls for the game return, with a host of new special moves and features integrated into the game play
system. Street Fighter IV brings a brand new fighting game to fans the world over.

Game Features
- Classic "2D" Street Fighter gameplay with stunning 3D characters and environments
- New special moves that go beyond any Street Fighter fan's wildest imagination, including Focus attacks,
Super Combos, and the revenged-fueled Ultra Combo system.
- Classic Street Fighter characters recreated for a new generation of gamers, including the original cast
of Street Fighter I
- New brawlers: female super-spy Crimson Viper, lucha libre wrestler El Fuerte, mixed martial artist Abel
and more!
- Amazing locations never seen before in a Street Fighter game
- New gameplay elements provide new challenges for both newcomers and the most seasoned Street Fighter pro

Minimum System Requirement
OS: Windows XP/Vista
Processor: Pentium 4 @ 2 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Hard Drive: 10 GB Free
Video Memory: 256 MB (nVidia GeForce 6600/ATI Radeon X1600)
Sound Card: DirectX Compatible
DirectX: 9.0c
Keyboard & Mouse
DVD Rom Drive

[TUT] How to download using Safelinking at warez-bb

MU Links Interchangable with File Serve 1GB
1GB - 5 Links to download
4.37GB ISO Image-Mounted

password: tooth

File Serve Links Interchangable with MU 1GB
1GB - 5 Links to download
4.37GB ISO Image-Mounted

password: tooth

Citat :
Got Problem Files ??? We got the fix for corrupt files!
1. Within Winrar, run "test archive" to check your files.
2. If you have a problem file, run winrar "repair". Then test again.
3. Re-Download the file again usually fixes the corrupt file.
Still have a problem download?
4. MD5 Hash Value - unique file identity
To check your download with the original uploaded file, compare the MD5 Hash Value.
google hashtab2_setup.exe or download here:
-Small file. Add to your system. How it works:
1- after install, right click properties of the file.
2- go to Hash Tab
3- program generates a unique number (MD5) to identify a specific file.
-if your number does not match mine, that would be the problem file. You
would need to re-download the file again and that usually fixes the problem.
-This is quite simple to do and we can identity the specific problem file.

MD5 Hash Value Street Fighter IV
part 01-428F31CD96F2CF9226704D274E3FE19E

Street Fighter IV crack file

password: tooth

password: tooth

How to Install

1. Download the 5 links and extract. Your extract is a 4.37GB ISO Image
2. Mount Image on your virtual drive and install.
3. Download the crack file.
4. Replace your installed SF4Launcher.exe with the cracked SF4Launcher.exe
5. Play the Game!

Tutorials - How to mount a Gaming Image and install the Game


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[MU/FS] Street Fighter IV [MULTI 7] [2009] 1GB/5 Downloads
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