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 [FSC] Europa Universalis: Crown of the North

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Europa Universalis: Crown of the North


Crown of the North is set in the years 1275 to 1340, in a time when Scandinavia was divided by a number of royal factions vying for power. The game's single scenario takes place on a map that shows Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark broken into many small provinces, plus German and Russian territories along the rim of the Baltic. At the start of the game, the six main playable factions control a single territory, and most of the map consists of neutral provinces just waiting to be conquered by you or the five computer-controlled players. Of course, remote provinces far to the north start out much weaker than the rich lands of historically established powers such as the Hanseatic League, the Order of the Templar, and the Russian territory of Novogorod, near St. Petersburg. These three large powers don't try to satisfy the game's victory conditions, but they're granted such immense armies that you won't want to mess with them.

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[FSC] Europa Universalis: Crown of the North
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