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 [MULTI] Dragon Age 2 + 4 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack -Ultra-

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MesajSubiect: [MULTI] Dragon Age 2 + 4 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack -Ultra-   Mier Mai 18, 2011 2:54 pm

Dragon Age 2 + 4 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack -Ultra- | 4.37 GB
Developer: BioWare | Genre: RPG/3D | Platform: PC
Publisher: Electronic Arts | Publication Type: RePack | Language: English & Russian

Continuationof the best role-playing game in 2009 from the authors of Star Wars:Knights of the Old Republic series, and Mass Effect. In a new journey ona full of mysteries and dangers of fantasy world Dragon Age player willact as a simple refugee named Hawk, scrambles to protect his familyfrom an unforgiving Mora. The fates decreed it was he who would becomethe main defender of the city Kirkvolla. The plot covers an entiredecade history of the harsh world, whose inhabitants fiercely opposedthe invasion of the creatures of darkness. Player to make difficultdecisions to enter into mutually beneficial alliances with prettydangerous individuals, acquire wealth and fame and, of course, sword andsorcery tirelessly to fight the numerous enemies. How will the storythat will forever change the universe of Dragon Age, - depends only onthe player.

Journey to extend over a decade. Thanksto a new original method of disclosure of the storyline the player,moving in time, will be provided in different places and circumstances -this kind of surprise makes the gameplay even more exciting.
DragonAge fans to take a long way from the ragged beggar to a legendarywarrior, and in this way always have to make hard choices and take vitaldecisions.
Whichever game class is not the user has selected - amagician, thief or a warrior - a new, improved combat system willprovide high dynamics of battle, not so you can relax for a second.
Withenhanced graphics engine World Dragon Age noticeably prettier and hasbecome more alive - as spectacular as the game is not inferior qualitykinoblokbasteram. In addition, it is so exciting and full of surprisesthat will keep players in suspense until the very end.

System requirements:
v OS: Windows XP SP2 / Windows Vista / Windows 7
v CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo (1,8 GHz) or AMD Athlon X2 1964 (2.4 GHz)
v Video: Radeon HD 2600 Pro / nVidia GeForce 7900 GS with 256 MB
v Audio: Sound card compatible with DirectX 9.0
v RAM: 1 GB (for XP) / 1,5 GB (for Vista / Seven)
v HDD: 6,7 GB

4 DLC + 18 subjects:
4 DLC + 18 subjects (activation is not necessary!)
A full description and a list of all DLC: See below, the link unit.
1. Black Shop:
Comein black shop yourself and bring others! This cozy place deep beneathKirkvollom you find an interesting collection of items that are sold andfree, banal and fantastic! One thing can change your body, face, hair,eyes! You already got a gift from us fighting mabari, which always comerunning to your first call, will become an assistant in the battle andyour beloved pet home. Go to the Black store now and you envy anyadventurer! When the storm passes, return home. The invitation will bewaiting for you there!
2. Prince in exile:
The instructions givento the Church in his youth, the noble archer Sebastian Vel after thebrutal murder of his family once again finds himself in a hornets' nestof palace intrigue. Now he is the sole heir. You will be able to performtogether a few new jobs, if you decide to take revenge for the murderof his family and lay claim to the title or send it to the righteousanger at their kirkvollskih enemies. Excellent shooter will become yourfaithful companion for all events, Dragon Age II.
3. Awards Signature Edition:
Thisedition includes exclusive items that can be used in the game: Thepower of Stan (greatsword), Courage The Departed (Staff magician),Viper Anti (longbow), Bastion Seeker (heavy shield) and ringresistance (the enchanted ring). Once you save from the impendingdanger, go home and take these items from the mail chest, where theywill cherish forever.
4. Set of items number 1:
As the nameimplies, this set includes various items of armor, clothing, weapons andaccessories that can be used as a Hawk, and his companions. Presentedby the three sets, one for each class:
� Recruitment of magician.These memorabilia of Malcolm and Liandry Hawke now moved on to theirchildren. Divide the heritage and enter your chapter in the history ofthe family Hawke.
� Set the robber. Here are collected the legendarythings most inveterate rascals public only knew the world of Dragon Age.Can be proud of their involvement in the audacious swindlers andinsidious killers, can just be glad that these things, whatever theirprevious owners, you now have.
� Set a warrior. The original owner ofthis priceless collection was brutally murdered. Killer dismantled hisstuff, but who they got, soon died a horrible death. Every object - justa great gift for any warrior, but if you want to pull the fate of thetail, the risk of incurring the curse of the murdered?
Each set comprises of 3 subjects to Hawke and his companions, weapons, and a set of armor.

Features RePack:
- Do not cut/no recoded
- Installed HighRes Texture Pack
- Maintain the original DragonAge2.exe (patches, mods, etc)
- RePack by Ultra
- There is a high-resolution textures (dovolnitelno)
- 29 soundtracks from the game (in game folder / Bonus)
- Have all the patches to 2.1 inclusive

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[MULTI] Dragon Age 2 + 4 DLC + 18 Subjects RePack -Ultra-
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